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The Weather is Changing; Make Sure You Are Prepared When Going Outside

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The weather is changing and it is a great time for many to resume outdoor activities that are prohibitive in the dead of winter.  Before you go out, we urge you to remember outdoor safety protocols.  It is important to protect yourself from the rigors of the natural environment.  Here are a couple of easy resources to prepare you for your fun in the sun:

Daylight Savings Time is Around the Corner! These Tips May Make the Transition Easier

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Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner, falling on Sunday, March 13 this year.  We will be losing an hour of sleep when we “spring forward.” Do yourself a favor by getting to bed earlier and drinking more water this weekend and afterwards so that you aren’t the one suffering.  Read more tips to deal with Daylight Savings Time here:

Snoring Too Much? Learn About Your Options

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Snoring is a very common issue in adults, caused by vibrating tissue in the upper airway. In many cases snoring is harmless, but it can also be a sign of other health concerns, such as obesity or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  If snoring is a problem for you, consider consulting your medical or dental provider.  There are many available treatments and therapies including surgical and non-surgical options.  Read more about snoring here:

Two of Our Own Surgeons Have Been Selected for Becker’s 164 Industry Leading Physicians to Know

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Steamboat Surgery Center honors both Richard Fox, MD and Donald J. Keller, MD for their selection to Becker’s ASC Review’s 164 Industry Leading Physicians to Know. Dr. Fox serves as a resident general surgeon, specializing in vascular and thoracic procedures.  Dr. Keller serves as a resident ophthalmologist, specializing in cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, Lasik, and cornea surgery.  Congratulations Dr. Fox and Dr. Keller!  Visit the article here:

Don’t Sit Still! Get Moving for National Girls and Women in Sports Day

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The Women’s Sport Report has indicated that the number of employees doing sedentary work is at 90% and still growing! In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day we encourage you to combat the negative impacts to health by getting active.  Click the link below for simple, healthy tips to stay active at the workplace:

It’s Back to School Time! Are Lunchbox Germs Lurking in Your Kids Lunchbox?

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Good Morning America uncovered some kind of bacteria growing both inside and outside of ALL the children’s lunchboxes they tested. Most contained bacillus found in soil, commonly associated with fruits and veggies. However, several contained serious bacterium such as staph and E. coli. To combat these bugs, take a disinfecting wipe and clean lunchboxes daily. Watch the video now.

Colorado Bike to Work Day is Wednesday June 24th!

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Summer is here! If you haven’t already, it’s time to pull out the ol’ bike and start riding. Join your fellow Coloradans on Wednesday, June 24th. “Put the pedal to the metal” and ride your bike to work.

 The Bike to Work website has great tips for new and experienced cyclists.
1. Wear a bicycle helmet.
2. Wear appropriate clothing.
3. Know the rules of the road.
4. Map out your route.
5. Check the air pressure of your tires weekly.
6. Watch out for Tribulus Terrestris (goathead thorn). This weed grows all over the Eastern plains and on bike paths. Know how to avoid flat tire and how to change a tire when the inevitable flat occurs.
7. Utilize lights: to see the road and be seen.
8. Lock up and/or store your bike.
9. Pedal smarter, not harder.
10. Minimize distractions.

For detailed information on these tips or to sign up for Bike to Work Day, visit


Free Health Lecture on Saturday June 20th-Say Goodbye to Chronic Aches & Pains

By Events & News

Does your knee throb when you climb stairs? Is back pain disrupting your sleep? Are achy feet slowing you down? These situations have one thing in common: They put a damper on your active life. Luckily, there are proven treatment options for all these conditions.

Come hear physician experts who work for Boulder Community Health and Steamboat Surgery Center describe the latest treatment strategies for relieving your specific pain on Saturday, June 20th, 2015.