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Colorado Bike to Work Day is Wednesday June 24th!

By June 20, 2015June 11th, 2019Events & News

Summer is here! If you haven’t already, it’s time to pull out the ol’ bike and start riding. Join your fellow Coloradans on Wednesday, June 24th. “Put the pedal to the metal” and ride your bike to work.

 The Bike to Work website has great tips for new and experienced cyclists.
1. Wear a bicycle helmet.
2. Wear appropriate clothing.
3. Know the rules of the road.
4. Map out your route.
5. Check the air pressure of your tires weekly.
6. Watch out for Tribulus Terrestris (goathead thorn). This weed grows all over the Eastern plains and on bike paths. Know how to avoid flat tire and how to change a tire when the inevitable flat occurs.
7. Utilize lights: to see the road and be seen.
8. Lock up and/or store your bike.
9. Pedal smarter, not harder.
10. Minimize distractions.

For detailed information on these tips or to sign up for Bike to Work Day, visit


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